November 2, 2018

There is no better device for dry fire training than the DryFireMag. Its easy to install, you just insert the DryFireMag into the magazine well and you are ready to start dry fire training. The DryFireMag allows you to practice follow up shots and double taps. It uses the trigger, trigger pull and reset already in your gun. When you are done training you can take the DryFireMag back out of the firearm and put a loaded magazine in the gun and you are ready to fire live ammunition. Every other dry fire system I have seen and tried starts at $160.00 dollars and up and requires disassembly of your firearm, so at $99.00 this product is a great value! I practice with it every night and improved my speed in the first week I had it. I saw Robert Vogel using one on a youtube video and thought if the world champion uses it to train so should I.