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Installing your DryFireMag to get ready for dry-fire practice is as simple as these steps.

WARNING!!! Check to Be Sure the Chamber Is Empty Before Inserting the DryFireMag!!!

  1. Make sure your weapon is clear of ammo.
  2. Insert the DryFireMag™ completely into position. This might require a firm bump with the palm of your hand.
  3. The first trigger pull will be heavy (releasing the firing pin and the DryFireMag™ )
  4. It’s ready to Go! Realistic dry fire practice can now begin!


The DryFireMag is designed for dry fire practice and is not recommended for tactical reload practice.



Tuning your DryFireMag for M&P -Download PDF


Tuning the DryFireMag


Weights stated are with OEM trigger. The DryfireMag will take on some lighter trigger modifications, giving lighter results.

Warranty Information

If you are not completely satisfied with your DryFireMag, you may return it within 30 days of your
receiving it, for a full refund. Buyer is responsible for return postage. Package must be sent with
tracking and with tracking number given to DryFireMag, LLC. Refund will be paid when the product is
received in unaltered and undamaged condition. Contact DryFireMag at sales@dryfiremag.com for

Warranty: DryFireMag will repair or replace at our option within 1 year of purchase any
malfunctions of the DryFireMag due to workmanship or faulty materials. Any malfunctions due to
tampering or physical damage will not be covered by this warranty. This will be determined at the
sole discretion of DryFireMag, LLC. This warranty covers the original price of the DryFireMag.
Contact DryFireMag at returns@dryfiremag.com for return authorization.

DryFireMag, LLC assumes no responsibility for any damage to property or personal injury due to any
use of this device not according to the instructions included in the packaging and on this website.
Nor do we assume responsibility for any damage to any weapons used with the DryFireMag, nor any
injury incurred in the misuse of live ammunition

*DISCLAIMER: While the DryFireMag is used in Smith&Wesson M&P pistols, “Smith&Wesson M&P” is a federally registered trademark of and owned by Smith&Wesson. DryFireMag, LLC is not affiliated with, or
endorsed by Smith&Wesson.