Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs  (Before Purchase, After Purchase, Other)

Questions often asked BEFORE purchasing:

What does the DryFireMag do?

The DFM resets the trigger in your striker-fired pistol, so you can dry-fire practice without racking the slide between trigger pulls. Therefore, the practice does not instill the dangerous muscle memory of racking the slide between rounds.


Will the DryFireMag damage my pistol’s firing pin?

No. The DFM does not use the firing pin, because all the mechanism is contained within the body of the mag. The DFM only interacts with the trigger bar.


How much does the DFM affect the weight of my firearm?

The DFM is designed to simulate at least a partially loaded magazine, no heavier.


Will the DFM damage the trigger mechanism?

No, because the lever that interacts with the trigger bar is a softer material than the trigger bar. Any wear would take place on the DFM lever and not on the trigger  mechanism.


What laser products work with the DFM?

None at this time.


Will the DFM work with my custom, “3rd  party”, performance trigger?

The DFM works fine with most performance triggers (Apex, Zev, Powder River, etc.).  The DFM is easily adjusted to accommodate the “break-point” of custom triggers.  With the addition of the optional Spring Pak, the DFM easily adapts to most custom trigger-pull weights.


Does the DFM duplicate the feel of my trigger?

Yes. With the adjustments that are available with the DFM, we are able to duplicate most trigger systems.


 Will the DFM fit flush with the bottom of my pistol grip?

It depends on your gun’s frame size.  Most DFM models are designed to fit the makers’ standard, or full size model.  If you have a compact, or subcompact model; the DFM can still operate with your firearm though it may protrude past the gun grip.


What is the Spring Pak, and what is it for?

The Spring Pak allows you to tune your DFM’s trigger weight just the way you want it, or to the specs your academy or department requires.  Check out the product details to see the trigger weights achievable with each spring in the kit.  There is currently a kit for Glock DFMs and the S&W M&P DFM.  Of course you are free to do what you like with the springs in any kit, with any DFM that will accept a spring.


Can I adjust the DFM to match my pistol’s trigger break and pull weight?

The DFM can be finely adjusted to replicate most pistol trigger systems. Instructions are included in the package and can be found HERE. If you need further assistance, you may call us at (208) 702-7030 or toll free at (844) 844-4600.


Can I practice tactical reloads with my DFM?

No. The DFM will not free fall from the magazine well because it has to interact with the trigger mechanism. It must be stripped from the pistol.  Stripping and throwing the DFM onto hard surfaces could damage the DFM.


How soon will my DFM ship?

Our policy is to ship the next business day after the order is placed.  If ordered from, you will receive your DFM as fast as, if not faster than Amazon Prime delivery unless there are US postal delays.


How long will my DFM last?

This is not yet determined. We have had units being used for 5+ years by some of our customers who do thousands of reps per week, and they are still going.  It is warranted against defect for 1 year.


Is there a customer satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. There is a 30 day period to try the DFM.


What is the warranty for the DFM?

The DFM comes with a one year parts and mechanism warranty.

You will need to fill out this form for the warranty to be honored. We will need your name and the email address that you used to order, or the order number from .


How do I get technical support?

Email us, or call (208) 702-7030 or toll free (844) 844-4600 between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM PST. Please remember, we are 3 hours behind EST. We appreciate East Coast callers not calling before 11:00 EST.


I don’t have a PayPal account. How can I pay for my order?

You don’t need a PayPal account. PayPal is our credit card processor. Proceed to PayPal, and you will be given the option to pay with an account or to pay with a credit card.


Is there any special pricing available?

Yes. Military, LEO’s, fire fighters, and certified firearm instructors, after sending verification, such as a picture of their ID (see instructions at checkout), will normally receive a $10.00 discount. During special sales events, this amount may vary. This discount is offered to individuals and does not apply to bulk discount orders.


Is there any volume discount available?

Yes. Please email for volume pricing.


Will the DFM work with my MantisX system?

Judging by feedback, social media, YouTube, etc., most apparently manage to get it to work satisfactorily; but DryFireMag does not guarantee it to work with mounted MantisX systems for the obvious reason that it is not our product, and completely out of our control.

DryFireMag did test an earlier version of the MantisX (X2).  We mounted the MantisX on the rail of both a Glock and a S&W with our matching DFM.  We found both to work satisfactorily as long as the MantisX app was configured correctly, and the DFM was “tuned” correctly to match the trigger break-point and pull weight of the stock model.


Do you sell internationally?

We only ship within the U.S. and its territories at this time. Send us an email, and we will contact you when we are shipping internationally.


Questions often asked AFTER purchasing:

My new DFM is not flush with the bottom of my pistol grip after installing it.  Do I have my new DFM installed correctly? 

Most DFM models are designed to fit the makers’ standard, or full size model.  If you have a compact, or subcompact model; your DFM can be “seated” correctly even though it is protruding past the gun grip.  If your mag-release has popped fully out, and you are unable to pull the DFM back out without pressing the mag-release; then your DFM is in as far as it should go.


My new DFM does not seem to fit properly in the mag well.  (Either too tight, or too loose, or won’t fit in at all)  What should I do?

It’s likely that either the wrong mag was ordered, or we inadvertently shipped the wrong mag.  Please contact with the make and model of your firearm and report the model DFM stamped on the DFM box that you received so we can get it “ironed out”.


I just received my new DFM and followed the instructions carefully regarding insertion, but my trigger is not resetting at all.  Where did I go wrong?

This is usually an indicator that some trigger modifications were made to your firearm, or you have an OEM modified version of their standard model.  If you do not see an adjustment recommendation below for your situation, please contact technical support.

To make adjustments, you will need the enclosed Allen wrench in order to adjust the Set Screw through the port of your DFM.  You should also have a way to record your adjustments in case you are unsuccessful and need further assistance.  (Your DFM should be returned to its factory settings before calling tech support for the highest probability of success with the technician)  If the recommended adjustment fails to work, please contact tech support.  Over adjustments can cause damage.


Glock with Apex trigger system:  1/4 Clock-Wise turn

Smith & Wesson Performance model with Apex trigger:  11/4 Clock-Wise turn

Smith & Wesson M&P 1 with Apex trigger:  2 1/2 Clock-Wise turn

Springfield XD with Powder River custom trigger:  11/4 Clock-Wise turn

Springfield XD mod2:  1/4 Clock-Wise turn

Springfield XD 40 cal:  1/3 – 5/12 (12 O’clock to 5 O’clock position) Clock-Wise turn

Sig P320:  The Sig P320 mag (DFM P9) may require extra-fine adjustments due to the Sig P320’s unique FCU design and the myriad of popular customizations available, particularly custom triggers and grips which can both make the need for adjustment necessary.  Please follow the protocol below:

With the “hour” positions of a clock in mind, try turning the Set Screw clockwise first, moving only 1 hour at a time, testing between each adjustment.  You can likely only go as far as from 12 O’Clock to 9 O’Clock before tripping the internal leaf spring, in which case, you’ve definitely gone too far.  Most often, the correct position will be located within a 1/4 turn from factory (or from 12 O’clock to 3 O’clock, or 12 O’clock back to 9 O’clock). Listen closely as you make each adjustment for a “click” sound from inside the mag.  If you hear a “click”, you have gone too far and must back off.  The “sweet spot” can be a very narrow range.  Most people miss it by making too large of adjustments at once.

If going clockwise doesn’t cut it, return the Set Screw to its original position and try going CCW, using the same routine.


I just received my new DFM and it resets the trigger,  but the trigger pull does not feel like my real dry-fire action.

Most likely only a very slight adjustment is required to make your DFM feel just right.  Very slight adjustments can make “a world of difference”.  If you need assistance getting your DFM adjusted properly, please contact technical support.


My MantisX system is not registering most of my trigger pulls when I dry fire practice with my new DFM.  Can you offer any suggestions?

If you have the Mantis10, make sure your app is configured such that the Shot Detection Mode = SIRT/DFM.  For earlier versions: set the Detection Sensitivity = HIGH,  Detection Delay = ON (~0.7 seconds works well to avoid trigger reset detection), Practice = DRY



How do I become a dealer?

Send an email with your request to You will be contacted with dealership details.

Email us or call (208) 702-7030 or toll free (844) 844-4600 between 9:00 AM-6:00 PM PST. Remember, we are 3 hours behind EST. We appreciate East Coast callers not calling before 11:00 EST.