DryFireMag for Glock* 9, 40, 357, .45 G.A.P

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The original DryFireMag    Patent #9182189 

This magazine will fit most 9mm, 40cal., 357 cal. and 45 G.A.P. Glock* pistols that use a double stack magazine. Not compatible with single stack pistols.  

Trigger weight set for factory Glock 5.5 – 6lb.

Please note, firing pin activated laser trainers will not work with the DryFireMag.

  • 9mm: G17, G19, G26, G34, G45, G47
  • .40 cal: G22, G23, G27, G35
  • .45 GAP: G37, G38 , G39
  • .357: G31, G32, G33
  • .22: G44
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The DryFireMag will allow you to practice your technique without having to remove your support hand to cycle the slide of your pistol. It was developed with this in mind.
Compatible with Gen 3-5.
This DryFireMag fits Glock pistol models:

G17, G19, G26, G34, G45, G47

.40 cal
G22, G23, G27, G35

.45 GAP
G37, G38 , G39

G31, G32, G33

.22 cal

Please note:

The DryFireMag is designed for dry fire practice and is not recommended for tactical reload practice.

If you are not completely satisfied with your DryFireMag, you may return it within 30 days of your
receiving it, for a full refund.  Buyer is responsible for return postage.  Package must be sent with
tracking and with tracking number given to DryFireMag, LLC. Refund will be paid when the product is
received in unaltered and undamaged condition.  Contact DryFireMag at returns@dryfiremag.com for
Warranty:  DryFireMag will repair or replace at our option within 1 year of purchase any
malfunctions of the DryFireMag due to workmanship or faulty materials.  Any malfunctions due to
tampering or physical damage will not be covered by this warranty.  This will be determined at the
sole discretion of DryFireMag,LLC.  This warranty covers the original price of the DryFireMag.
Contact DryFireMag at returns@dryfiremag.com for return authorization.

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31 reviews for DryFireMag for Glock* 9, 40, 357, .45 G.A.P

  1. Jules

    While competing in a USPSA match yesterday, I was
    getting frustrated with my performance, so my friend, K.H.,
    a Master in Production, asked me whether I dry fired. I said
    “No”, so he showed and let me use his Dry Fire magazine
    in my Glock 17 Gen 3. He swore by it.
    My other friend, E.B., who exclusively shoots the 1911
    platform, is thinking of getting a Glock and your product as
    well after trying it in my friend’s Glock.”
    After getting home, without hesitation, I purchased the
    DryFireMag online

  2. Shane Overby

    I love the way the Dry Fire Mag allows me to draw, come to target, fire, and practice trigger reset all with out having to rack the slide. I bought this and a laser lyte target system. I hoped the trigger click the dry fire mag made would activate the laser, but it doesn’t. No matter Dry Fire mag is great!

  3. Chad

    Dry Fire Practice is important for accuracy and being able to perform under stress, but I was worried that I was going to program the wrong thing into my muscle memory with my Glock because I was having to cycle the slide every time. With the DryFireMag I can practice as long as I want without cycling the slide, and I get the feel of the trigger breaking. The trigger feel isn’t the EXACT same as without the DryFireMag, but it does reset the triger each time. Works great!

  4. Joe

    I let a friend borrow my DryfirMag, and she loved it! She said she ordered one!
    By the way, she coupled my dryfire mag with a laser bore sighting tool that is sensitive
    to sound, and when she clicks the dryfire mag, it flashes a beam out the barrel.

  5. Frank Campana,

    Besides my 15 minutes of fame on Top Shot, I am a retired police officer from New York where I served on my Dept’s SWAT Team. Since retiring a few years ago and missing all that free training and ammo, I sought out a REALISTIC way to practice at home since regular range time here in the City is a real hassle! I tried a reseting trigger which was great but you have to disassemble the gun to use it! A Glock 19 airsoft pistol…better than a blue gun but not the right feel. I then bought a SIRT pistol which I still use…it is a great tool but not the exact “feel” as the real thing so I continued looking for something to compliment the SIRT. A few Google searches later and I found the Dryfire Mag. What an incredable training device! Unload your gun, pop the Dryfire mag in place and fire away! Actually, when I tried it for the first time I felt that eureka moment! As a police officer what I like best about the mag is that you are training with the same gun that you will be carrying. Nothing replicates the “real thing” like the real thing. One of the lessons that I learned from my years as a SWAT officer is that in real life you will, without thinking about it, do exactly what you do during training, so you want your training to be as realistic as possible…using the same gun, same holster, same everything. I’m sold on Dryfiremag! Another thought… if Robert Vogel uses the Dryfire Mag then enough said!

  6. Brandon L,

    Had the dryfiremag for about a month and have noticed an increase in the amount of time I spend dry fire practicing. It is great muscle memory without the interuption of racking the slide. Especially important is the the ability to practice controlled pairs. Definitely translating to the range

  7. Hank

    I got the DryFireMag a few days before my classifier, and it helped finalize some
    techniques. Because of that, I was able to sneak into Expert class in Stock Service
    Pistol for IDPA (by 0.36 second!!!).
    Your DryFireMag works as intended, and I would definitely recommend it to the Glock
    shooters I know.
    In fact, I am thinking about buying some for my friends because they also shoot Glocks.

  8. Guest

    i am a new gun owner and the dry fire mag was very easy to install and everything I wanted it to be.

  9. Mike

    Prompt shipping

    Thank you very much for the prompt shipping. I really like the product.

  10. Scott C,

    I had been trying to get my shooting to the next level in USPSA and IDPA. Most of the Master shooters advocate dryfire training. I used a laser training cartridge for a while but it needed to be reset after every trigger pull plus, I found it developed a habit of becoming target focused (which is exactly the wrong thing to do).

    The dryfiremag allowed me to stayed focused on my front sight and call my shots after every trigger pull. It really helped with transitions and breaking my next shot quickly.

    A great training tool that will get you to the next level

  11. Chuck Nyko

    I purchased the dryfire mag with an asumption that it would trigger my laser barrel from laserlyte and it works well. I can now train using my existing Glock 19 Gen4 for $100 investment. Thank You DryFireMag.

  12. Rod Pendergrass

    excellant product with outstanding help (highly recommended to communicate with stan) to get the trigger set right. purchased DFM for a g19 with a ny1 trigger that i had then the better half decided she wanted it. so i got the dry fire mag to help her learn the way of the glock. stan inquired which trigger i had and sent it set for the ny1 and it was right on(yes i know that means terrible!). well i then changed to a standard trigger with the neg connector, about 5# and needed to adjust on the DFM. contacted stan and he got back with me right away and walked me thru changing it for the new release and break. works great. we talked about pairing it up with a laserlyte training barrel. which might flash on the release and again on the reset but that would be good to show follow thru. will check back i just purchased the laser and should have it in a week or so. rod p.

  13. Phil Hall

    Works great for muscle memory training for trigger reset. Great for body arrmor practice.

  14. Ian

    I’ve received and been practicing with my DryFireMag. The DFM’s trigger pull is much better than my Glock’s pull. My 22 had a good bit of travel, takes more poundage to fire, and has a softer “squishier” break,than the DFM .I wish this was a gunsmithing project instead of a practice mag! But the easy adjustment of the DFM allowed me to adjust the trigger’s travel so that it closely matches the “squishy” trigger of my Glock I actually have to shoot with.Thanks again for the fantastic product!

  15. Christopher

    I don’t know any other way you could get so much practice in. I can dry fire my Glock anytime, anywhere. Saves me a ton of ammo and makes me a better shooter. What’s not to like?

  16. Miguel Santiago

    Great tool for practice dryfire i recommend this product . Now i practice everytime without spending a dime of ammo. I will like to check if there is any possibilities to find lazer bin activate by sound , if i can find one it will complete my tool for dryfire practice . Thanks for everything .

  17. Kisa Libby

    I’ve been shooting a Glock 34 in USPSA and 3 Gun matches for just over a year and although everyone I shoot with was telling me I needed to start dry firing more I just couldn’t get into it. Resetting my slide, dealing with a dead trigger or worse, the squishy trigger that you get when your slide is slightly out of battery, was all just too frustrating. First I purchased a Glock Reset gun, which was basically the same cost as a new Glock. The reset guns are only available in a Glock 17 and of course they come with the Glock stock sights. So I had to purchase a second magwell like the one on my 34 and a second set of sights. Only to discover that I disliked it no matter what I did to it, it WASNT MY GUN. Then I purchased a SIRT pistol, again, it only comes in a Glock 17 size, I had to put a magwell and sights on it, only to discover that the laser on it made me too target focused and it felt nothing like MY GUN. Then finally I discovered the DFM and now I can shoot to my hearts content with MY GUN. I would recommend this magazine to competition shooters, LEO’s and anyone who carries a Glock for personal protection. I am also a pistol instructor and I love being able to use the DFM with students that are completely new to shooting. It gives us a chance to work with their pistol with out the pressure and distractions of the range. $99 is a small price to pay for the fact that every day can be a range day in your own home or office with no fees or ammo costs.

  18. anonymous

    Working for a large Illinois police department and shooting USPSA dry fire practice is a necessity when it comes to training. Anyone who has done dry firing with a Glock knows that the trigger can be an issue. I have used the rubber band trick, resetting trigger and SIRT pistol. They each have there pros and cons, but then comes the DFM. The DFM is the dry firing product that I was waiting for, no need to take apart your weapon and you’re able to save money. Just have to slide the DFM in and I’m ready to go with a resetting trigger that is almost identical to live fire. I would recommend the DFM to anyone who wants to step up their dry fire routine to the next level or anyone who needs to work on their trigger control.

  19. Andrew Blissit

    A friend of mine gave me a dry fire mag as a gift. I regularly outshot him at the range and I implored him to dry practice more often. He discovered the dry fire mag and bought me one when he bought himself one. I have been using it more often than I was dry practicing before and I expect to that my fundamental skills with sight alignment grip presentation and Trigger press having proved. I will have to wait until I make it to the range to verify this but more dry practice can never be a bad thing.

    Please make this for Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols! I would purchase one if they were available.

  20. Michael A. Ambrosio (verified owner)

    I use it on my Glock 19 duty weapon. Outstanding product to practice with.. I really saw a difference when I went to put some rounds downrange.

  21. Jeff Samuelsen (verified owner)

    If you’ve ever been concerned about cycling the slide every time to dry fire shoot and falling back to this repetition in a real life or death situation then typical dry fire practice is a real dangerous way to train. That’s why I was so excited to find the Dry Fire Mag. It lets me draw, target, dry fire and practice trigger reset all without having to rack the slide. This is such a great training tool because as good as a $400 SIRT pistol is I’m using my same holster and gun, exactly what I have in my daily carry. I’m also a USCCA instructor and being able to use the Dry Fire Mag with students that are completely new to shooting and dry fire practice is a huge benefit. We can practice with a real firearm in a safe way before going on to live fire practice on the range.

  22. anhaenger24.de

    Where the standard spring actually pulls the trigger bar rearwards the NY springs push up on the bar and increase the amount of force required to pull the trigger.

  23. E. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    I got the dry fire mag because I flinch when I shoot. When I got the dry fire mag in the mail I took 6 weeks off from the range and did dry practice with the dry fire mag for 15 minutes a day 4 days a week. After the 6 weeks my shot groups went from 6-9 inches at 21 feet to 3-5 inches at 21 feet. This thing works. Dry practice works. The dry fire mag makes your time spent doing dry practice a lot more effecient. You will get way more trigger pulls during your dry fire practice if you’re using the dry fire mag. No time wasted racking the slide a billion times. Dry practice is way more fun now. I also use the dry fire mag while at the range. I’ll fire a magazine and then I’ll whip out the dry fire mag and get a few dry reps in. It really helps me keep my groups tight while at the range. I look forward to my groups continuing to shrink thanks to dry practice and the dry fire mag!

  24. furniturecarnival

    DryFireMag is a modified Glock magazine that allows you to practice dry firing your Glock safely at home.

  25. point_of_impac7 (verified owner)

    great product, i love the fact that you’re using your firearm to train/practice, highly recommended

  26. Jules (verified owner)

    I’ve developed a chronic disease since I’ve started throwing lead downrange a few years ago. It is the dreadful “Flinching” or “Jerking” Syndrome.
    The remedy is called “DryFireMag” and it will help you keep it under control and even cure it with dedication and ongoing practices.
    I enjoy using it because it’s convenient, reliable, sturdy and simple to use and American made and it comes with outstanding customer service.
    Moreover, you don’t need batteries and it doesn’t interfere with the performance of your equipment. If you’re a Glock and/or a M&P owner, give it also a try.

  27. Kara

    This thing showed up at my door within 48 hours of the purchase. It was like magic!!! My boyfriend has been asking for one of these for months now and I’m excited Santa was able to deliver this Christmas!

  28. ibboy9 (verified owner)

    Is it worth the money? Yes. Please let me explain.
    I spent a lot of money on a lot of training devices to help me get better at shooting (USPSA, IDPA). I don’t want to bash on these other products, I mean, they’re great but limited. I have one device that requires CO2 to make it function. It’s great because you get to practice with your actual trigger. However, it’s cumbersome to use. You have to buy the CO2, fill up the device after only about 20ish shots, and it requires a lot of maintenance (periodic replacement of certain parts due to wear, refilling of CO2 tanks, etc). I didn’t get the DryFireMag at the time because I thought I didn’t needed it with everything else I had. Finally, I decided to get it. Wow, much better. First of all, installing the DryFireMag into the gun is as simple as reloading a fresh mag into your gun. Secondly, you can get the trigger to feel identical to your actual trigger. I mean, it’s not gonna feel exactly the same obviously, you’re pressing against a little spring and it makes a double popping sound. But the weight and breaking point is really all you need to worry about, and I’m telling you, you can get it identical to your trigger (I have an aftermarket trigger). And finally, and most importantly, the DryFireMag allows you to find your trigger finger fatigue point. Other products, like the one I mentioned before, does not allow you to get to that point. The CO2 product, for instance, forces to stop your trigger pulls after about 20 because the CO2 runs out. During this time of refilling the CO2, your finger is resting – no more fatigue. But with the DryFireMag, you can pull it infinitely, with every pull being identical. This is how I found out that my trigger finger starts to fatigue at around 60 trigger pulls (very quickly), at this point, pulling the trigger becomes very difficult, but it allows you to identify exactly which muscles of your hand you need for a trigger pull and to stretch the limits of those muscles. Only this way, you can develop a solid beast of a trigger finger that we all desire. It’s just like working out to gain strength. You’re never going to gain anything if you’re not pushing yourself until it becomes difficult. That is why this DryFireMag is worth it. (If you want to become a better shooter)

  29. Ross Patel

    I have been using the DryFireMag for over a year. It has been the most significant improvement to my training to date. I would consistently shoot to the low left (and have been for years) but I healed this training scar with consistent dry fire practice.

  30. Duke (verified owner)

    My first year at SHOT and I was more intrigued by stuff I found to be innovative rather than just a new take on old stuff (usually complete with flashy advertising, “operator”, “EDC” or “tactical” in the marketing). I saw this and was truly happy–the table was busy as you can imagine but I got a chance to talk with the inventor briefly and immediately texted a couple of buddies. I bought both variants and love them. Now when the kids are in bed, I have added “movers” to my dry-fire time using lefties on screen while watching TV with my better half. PC? Not likely. Fun and useful? You know it. I spent the better part of my adult life traveling the world on the taxpayer’s dime and started my family only after retiring. It’s been good busy, but now that the kids are old enough to not feel guilty catching a match or two over the summer, and with all the extra dry fire time I’m finding with these, I’m gonna have to start competing this summer. These are phenomenal training aids and a heckuvalotta fun to boot. Well done!

  31. Barrelntrigger

    In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, many gun ranges near me have closed and continued to stay closed. Without having the luxury of shooting live rounds down range, I wanted a pistol training tool that will help me to build trigger control and simulate the trigger pull for my Glock G19x in the comfort of my own home. This is where the DFM came in. I purchased the DFM upon watching a few YouTube gun channels reviewing the product. I was very impressed with the concept of the tool. I was lucky enough to catch the $20 coupon special and received the DFM promptly. Upon my initial usage of the tool, I was surprised to see how simple and easy it was to use it. To be frank, I was actually having lots of fun using it to where I became a bit obsessed about using it daily. So after a month of daily usage, the DFM malfunctioned to where the trigger wasn’t resetting and there was no audible “click”. I estimate I must have pulled the trigger about a few thousand times. I contacted the customer support regarding sending the mag in for repair. The company president, Stan actually personally handled my return. I was honored. So fast forward a week or so later, I received the DFM in my mailbox. I was expected to see my repaired mag. However, to my surprise, I was given a brand new mag! I was so shocked! Thank you so much for your generosity, Stan! You now have a loyal customer for life! I’ve been sharing the DFM with friends and a few of them have made the purchase. Please consider making a model for the CZ P 10 series.

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